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Cloud Newbies

De-mystifying Cloud Computing with beginner-friendly resources and a friendly community of helpful peers and seasoned professionals to help you get started with your own Cloud Computing journey!

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Cloud Computing, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), is extremely daunting from the outside. As a person with no formal technical education, I felt completely lost when I began looking into a career in Cloud Computing in middle of 2018.

I focus on creating resources without the use of technical jargon, and when appropriate, explaining those jargons so we can all begin having dialogues using them.

Now, I've taken it a step further, and created an educational community where we can learn together, and go from "Zero" to "Cloud Technologist." This is a community and a learning platform with webinars, resources, career development, and networking.

Have a question about AWS SageMaker? Let's see if one of the seasoned veterans can help you get it answered!

Careers in the Cloud

Working with or in the "Cloud" ☁️ is not just for Solutions Architects or Engineers. Heck, I work with the Cloud, and I'm a (Technical) Writer! There are many diverse career paths available, working with or in Cloud Computing; some you may not have ever heard about before!

To find out what kinds of jobs and careers are available for people who enter the Cloud Computing workforce, I interview technologists that work with or in the Cloud, and publish AMAs, Video, and Audio Interviews in a brand new blog:

Do you work with or in Cloud Computing and interested in being interviewed?
We're always looking for more interviewees! 😊

Start Learning AWS

Interested in learning about Amazon Web Services, but not sure where to begin? Resources you've been looking at say they're for "absolute beginners," but still expect you to have technical background knowledge?

We have courses, resource websites, eBooks, and more to help you get started on your AWS Cloud journey at Intro to AWS and AWS Newbies!

And we start from "What even is the Cloud?"


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Hiro Nishimura

Hi, I'm Hiro! As a person with no formal technical education, I felt completely lost when I began looking into a career in Cloud Computing in middle of 2018.

Unfortunately, finding resources I could understand without having "technical vocabulary" was tough. So I ended up creating to help myself learn. Over the past year, I've created video courses titled "Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers" with the target audience being the "lay person"; someone without a formal technical background.

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